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Blue Velvet PRINT


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Blue Velvet is a dark, sensuous mystery set in a small American town but is a far cry from the idealistic suburbia the white picket fences evoke. The relationship between Issabella Rossalinis character ‘Dorothy Vallens’ and Dennis Hoppers ‘Frank Booth’ is central to this sinister story filled with obsession and desire. The image perfectly captures this along with lust, beauty and brutality – the contrast of Dorothys porcelain complexion and serene composure, compared to the callous, malevolence look of Frank and his aged, rough hand.

The movies tagline, ‘It’s a strange world’ sits atop the poster,with much of the remaining space engulfed in a dark black, acting as a prefix to the film, warning of this demented love story which is to follow. The film is beautifully shot with vivid colors and omninous shadows, offering a sharp contrast to the films plot which contains murder, rape, and voyeaurism, which I emulated with the rich, enticing, sharp, bold title box the image sits upon.






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