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Brokeback Mountain PRINT


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Brokeback Mountain is the story about two cowboys, Ennis and Jack, who fall in love. So much more than the “gay cowboy movie” it was merely known as prior to it’s release, it perfectly captures what true, unbridled love is all about and this love transcends any issues of sexuality or gender.  These ideas resonate strongly through the films tagline “Love is a force of nature”, which is placed on my drawing underneath an extremely powerful image which depicts that love, the hurt of losing it, and the knowledge it will stay with you forever.

The beautifully shot film is matched by a quartet of moving central performances, but the film really belongs to Heath Ledger. What he does is so courageously beautiful, so truthful and so transcendental that his Ennis del Mar is bound to become a point of reference for generations to come.

There is an element of hope within the melancholic sadness of this Ang Lee masterpiece, and by the end, Ledger personifies the tragedy of hopes that never come to be.  Unfortunately for many people and indeed the protagonists of our story, society doesn’t always view it that way.

The font of the title is taken from the original promotional material, while the blue represents the color of the sky which sits atop the mountains horizon, which are shot so beautifully, almost as if they themselves were a character. Due to this, I wanted to include the scenery in some way, so subtly placed the silhouette of the mouton range at the top of the poster, enhancing it’s presence and clarifying it’s importance –  that everything in the film happens as a result of Jack and Ennis’s initial meeting on Brokeback Mountain.






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