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Call Me By Your Name // Elio TOTE


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“Elio, Elio, Elio, Elio, Elio, Elio, Elio, Elio, Elio” is a quote from Elio and Oliver’s final conversation at the end of Call Me By Your Name. I like how it plays with the image of Oliver dancing from an earlier scene. In response to Elio calling Oliver by his name 9 times, Oliver responds with “Oliver. I remember everything”. I chose not to include this and let the illustration of Oliver act as the response. Elio says his name with so much desire and love and hurt at what he can no longer have it mimics the way the camera lingers on him in the dancing scene. The scene is voyeuristic as Elio lustfully watches him, whilst dragging on a cigarette. He wants him. The expressive way Oliver is dancing, and the fun he is having, to me, is a metaphor for their relationship when they are finally together – they are lost IN it, the way Oliver is lost in his dancing,  and it is special and an intimacy neither have known.

And so, the Call Me By Your Name Elio poster acts  as a ‘still’ of both the dancing scene, with the text standing in for Elios image, but reflecting the same yearning, and for the phone call where the image stands in for Oliver’s response – recognizing their time together – the ‘dance’ they had, but shuts down any future, just like the song coming to an end on their emotionally epic journey. The orange background references the peach scene and the Italian setting.






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