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Edward Scissorhands x 4 PRINT


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Throughout history, the wisdom of generations have been conveyed through fairytales, and Tim Burtons masterpiece is no exception. The tragic story of Edward Scissorhands, told in magical simplicity, mercilessly debunks the true nature of human beings, tears out your heart, yet fills it with hope. Edward Scissorhands is a creation – an unfinished producut made my his father, an inventor, who leaves him with scissors for hands.

When he first arrives in the town of pastel colored houses, the locals accept his curiosities and his unique hands, which they discover he has a wonderful talent of making things with.

There is a montage when Edward is cutting the neighbors hair and the 4 images on the design are of their sensual facial expressions representing their initial intrigue and attraction to his ‘otherness’. The hairstyles themselves reflect Edward and his talent without featuring him directly. The characters have pastel backgrounds to reference each of their characters clothes/ houses in their neighborhood.






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