About Us


About Paper 8​

PAPER 8 is dedicated to bringing you one of a kind art work and apparel from artist Matthew Warren. Born on the Island of Guernsey off the coast of France, Warren studied undergraduate Fine Art at The University of the West of England in Bristol before undertaking his Masters at OTIS College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA, where he currently resides.


How it all began​

In 2016 Warren originated his own contemporary clothing line, PAPER 8, which features his pencil drawn designs, on crisp white T Shirts and Sweatshirts. The PAPER 8 shop is located at 416 W 8th St in DTLA, and he has recently opened a second location at 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 114.


Influenced by, and referencing cinema and  American popular culture, his art practices explores and illuminates the manner in which Hollywood myths are entwined with our imagination, and through his use of Hollywood iconography he creates a hybrid of art and cinema which is not only visible through his illustrations and apparel designs, but the store itself. 


Acting as an art installation, VHS players and dismantled TVs are utilized as shelving, and featuring a wall stacked with VHS cases which double as packaging for his shirts, the store captures and gives an insight into Warrens unique take on Hollywood. Regular opening hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 12 - 6, and Sunday, 12 - 5. During these hours Warren can be found drawing new designs while a VHS of a movie already in his collection plays on a old  TV, through the window to the public, as a record player plays nothing but movie soundtracks.