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Uma Thurman is a striking prescence on screen when working with Quentin Tarantino. She acts as his muse in return for the best roles of her career. In Kill Bill, due to the large amounts of violence and blood that is spilled, in such a deliberately, over-the-top way, it becomes entertaining rather than shocking. The danger and peril that Thurmans character, known as The Bride, is in can be lost as the expertly choreographed violence becomes poetically beautiful to watch. For our Kill Bill movie t-shirt design, this image of the Bride is a brief moment amongst the carnage, where we get to connect with her. We can see her vulnerability which makes her character and the story all the more human and helps ground it in reality amongst the gallons of blood spilled. The title is taken from the credit sequence, and the color scheme used highlights the yellow and black suit The Bride wears for the majority of the film, itself inspired by Bruce Lee's attire in 'Enter the Dragon'.

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